What Is a Courtesy Officer for an Apartment

What is a courtesy agent? Although their names sound very different, courtesy guards and security guards take on the same basic responsibilities: ensuring the security of shared apartments. Build relationships: It is imperative that courtesy officers build relationships with tenants in the complex so that they feel comfortable with the presence of the courtesy officer and feel good when approaching them with questions and concerns. While courtesy agents may seem like new players in the property management scene, they are ultimately very similar to the security guards on duty. If you choose to hire a courtesy officer, properly communicating the roles and responsibilities of the position to residents will not only avoid misunderstandings, but will also help build your community. Set boundaries: Determine what your responsibilities are within the management team before working as a courtesy agent. You both need to know exactly how you will react to a number of hypothetical security situations. However, there are also differences between the two. Unlike courtesy guards, security guards are usually contract workers. They wear uniforms, may be responsible for routine foot patrols, and often have more formal conditions with residents because they do not live in the community. And unlike courtesy guards, who can only go beyond coverage during normal business hours, security guards usually work shifts day and night. Hiring a courtesy agent and how to use one are complex decisions. For example, there is a trade-off between additional security and the perception that it is needed.

It`s a call to simply exchange rent for life there for police officers who already have cars, uniforms and skills. This may seem more normal than a security guard in unofficial uniform or polo shirt. But it might also be easier to demand more from that hired non-police security guard in terms of time and tasks. The same lawyer then began to disseminate his opinion nationally after giving a series of trade journals and speeches at housing conventions recommending removing the word «security guard» from the language of the industry. I know this because I was there during this transformation. This lawyer announced that the word «security guard» somehow implies that an apartment in Texas assumes a legal obligation to ensure the safety of its residents and therefore may have been responsible for criminal acts that harmed those residents. Security guards are usually contractors who rent the apartment complex through a security agency. They rarely live on the premises, and the agency may provide a number of rotating security guards for the property rather than just one person. Typically, security guards dress more formally than courtesy officers, their clothes more like those of a police officer or other law enforcement officer. Most courtesy agents need to have a number of specific skills to help them do their job well.

Spend your time developing your patience, ability to communicate with others, and the organization to make sure you`re ready to meet the demands of the position. But even that doesn`t necessarily relieve the apartment complex, its owners and managers of any problems that might arise from the actions of courtesy agents acting on behalf of the complex. For the purposes of this article, we are talking about sworn peace officers, not private security guards (although many private security guards may indeed be sworn officers who supplement their salaries for law enforcement agencies). But in 2020, the barriers have collapsed – and now it`s possible to build real wealth through real estate at a fraction of what it used to cost, meaning unfair benefits are now available to individuals like you. Assess vehicles: Many officers patrol parking lots and structures to ensure the protection of the resident`s vehicles. Most courtesy agents work in apartment complexes where residents live in separate buildings on a large campus. However, courtesy agents can also work in other types of apartments or for businesses or commercial areas. In general, the courtesy agent does not have a desk or other cohesive workspace. Instead, they are usually on patrol or in a central, easy-to-see location where residents can turn to them for questions or concerns. As a result, apartment complexes hire courtesy patrols to get dedicated help to deal quickly with safety and quality of life issues.

While many of these guards do not have the power to arrest anyone (unless they are also local law enforcement officers), they can detain criminals until police arrive, The Press Democrat reports. More than helping apartments deal with crime, the presence of a courtesy patrol is often enough to prevent crime! A courtesy agent is a security expert who provides basic surveillance and protection to residents and property in an apartment complex or similar residential location. The main task of courtesy agents is to ensure the safety of all members of the community. Often, courtesy officers are former law enforcement officers or law enforcement officers who do not yet have the skills and training to do the job. It is an individual decision, and its proper functioning depends on how the role is managed, with clear expectations from management and the official and communication with residents, all of which are part of the mix. I did not agree with that view at the time and now I disagree three decades later. Call them what you want, but know that it is the security guard uniform they wear and their duties as a security guard that will define their true professional function. The name change is the biggest difference between that of a security guard and that of a courtesy guard.

The courtesy officer at your apartment complex will always be in security uniform and perform similar duties during their shifts. Anything a security guard can do, a courtesy guard can do, and more. It also makes it imperative to conduct thorough background checks of officials to whom you are offering the deal, because although many security companies employ officials who are not on official duty, you cannot assume that this will be the case. Often, the apartment complex hires a courtesy agent as an internal employee and member of management. In some cases, the courtesy agent lives as a local tenant and receives a reduced rent instead of or in addition to his remuneration for the performance of his role as a courtesy agent. These professionals usually dress less formally than security guards and may wear a polo shirt with the resort logo instead of a security uniform. The benefits of having a police officer in your compound are obvious, especially if they can take their team car home after work. This visibility, along with that of someone who cares about trespassing, rowdy parties, burglaries, and that ongoing noise complaint, seems like a good compromise in exchange for a reduction or rent waiver. A trained and experienced police officer may be more aware of the problems associated with the use of force to maintain peace than a security guard.

In today`s tense climate around law enforcement, this is clearly a consideration. Attend meetings: Courtesy officers are often required to attend resident meetings and management meetings. «It was a great deal that was fair to both parties, as the complex saved thousands of dollars a month in security costs and still had exceptionally good security, and officers were able to save a good amount of money on a patrol officer`s salary,» said Smith, now a founding partner of the Florida Car Accident Lawyer team. «Politeness» vs «Security» Although there are some minor differences between polite agents and security guards, the biggest discrepancy may indeed be the name. Both come with a lot of education and experience. In many cases, these are law enforcement officers who are not on duty. Although the duties of the contract security officer are managed externally, courtesy officers are part of property management and do not have a predefined set of functions. Property managers who choose to hire a courtesy agent should ensure that accountability for all planned and agreed tasks is clearly defined.

These can go beyond basic safety features and include everything from checking outdoor lighting to checking facilities like the pool and laundry room are in order. This can take the form of someone who has been hired directly by the property manager and pays for it while providing free or discounted rent in exchange for their pending availability. Private security companies also offer services that may fall under the term «courtesy agent» and offer «courtesy patrols.» Courtesy agents may have a number of tasks, depending on the size of the complex in which they work, layout, amenities, and a number of other factors. .