Which Law Covers Tenancy Agreements

B. A tenant who is entitled to terminate that tenant`s obligations under paragraph A must do so by sending the landlord a written notice of termination from a date specified in that written notice, that date being at least 30 days after the first date on which the next rent payment is due, and payable after the date on which the written notice is given. If the Tenant gives the notice of termination to the Lessor, the Tenant must also provide the Landlord with a copy of (i) the protection order issued or (ii) the conviction order. «Effective Date of Lease» means the date on which the Lease is signed by the Landlord and the Lessee, thereby binding each party to the terms of the Lease. If you don`t notify correctly, you`ll have to pay for what comes first: Q. If the rent is not paid on the due date and the tenant does not pay the rent within five days of the written notification to the tenant of his non-payment and of the owner`s intention to terminate the lease if the rent is not paid within the five-day period, the landlord may terminate the lease and take possession of the premises in accordance with § 55.1-1251. If a rent cheque is issued to the landlord that is drawn into an account with insufficient funds, or if an electronic transfer has been refused due to insufficient coverage, or if the authoritative party has maliciously issued a stay order and the tenant does not pay the rent within five days of written notice to the landlord, in which the tenant informs of his non-payment and of the landlord`s intention to cancel the payment, is informed. Rental agreement If the rent is not paid within five days in cash, a bank check, a certified check or a completed electronic transfer, the owner may terminate the rental agreement and obtain possession of the premises in accordance with § 55.1-1251. Nothing prevents an Owner from demanding the award of costs or attorneys` fees in accordance with § 8.01-27.1 or a civil claim under § 8.01-27.2 in connection with any other damage claimed from the illegal prisoner under § 8.01-126, provided that the Lessor has terminated in accordance with § 55.1-1202 that such termination may be included in the five-day notice period provided for in this section. In the case of month-to-month or week-to-week rentals, a party must give full notice and termination must be made at the end of a period. For example, if a rental is automatically renewed from week to week every Sunday, the party that wishes to end has until Saturday to announce that the upcoming period will be the last.

The lease would end at the end of the following week. D. If the tenant is a victim of family abuse within the meaning of §§ 16.1-228, which occurred in the residential unit or on the premises, and the perpetrator is excluded from the apartment in accordance with § 55.1-1246 on the basis of the information provided by the tenant to the landlord or by a protection order of a competent court in accordance with § 16.1-253.1 or 16.1-279.1 or abs. B of § 20-103, The lease does not end solely because of family abuse against the tenant. However, these provisions do not apply if (i) the tenant does not provide written documentation proving his or her status as a victim of domestic violence and proves the offender`s exclusion from the housing unit no later than 21 days after the alleged crime, or (ii) the offender returns to the housing unit or premises, violates a lawyer`s complaint and the tenant fails to: immediately inform the landlord within 24 hours that the offender has returned to the unit or premises, unless the tenant proves by a balance of evidence that the tenant did not actually know that the offender had violated the cash complaint, or that it was not possible for the tenant to: notify the landlord within 24 hours, in which case the tenant must notify the landlord immediately, but no later than seven days. .